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WCTG Prevails for Canada Dealer in Mold-A-Rama Machines

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

[Chicago Illinois, March 31, 2020] Windy City Trial Group (WCTG) is pleased to confirm a report today by Law360 that the law firm has prevailed in challenging the personal jurisdiction of a Chicago federal court over a Canadian dealer in collectibles, including modernized vintage MOLD-A-RAMA® machines. Judge Andrea R. Wood ruled that Plaintiff Mold-A-Rama had not established sufficient contacts in Illinois to confer personal jurisdiction of the Court over Rick Sky and his Canada-based Collector Concierge International (CCI). WCTG's President and counsel for CCI, Denny Esford, told Law360 that "We think the right decision was reached by Judge Wood." Rick Sky adds "... we tried to settle the matter but when that failed, we trusted Denny's assessment that we should not be subject to a lawsuit in Illinois based solely upon our sponsored promotional video and attendance at the Chicagoland Coin Op trade show where we target an international audience from outside of the United States. We are delighted that Denny's expertise prevailed over Mold-A-Rama's ability to hire a large law firm with deep resources."

Since 2013, Windy City Trial Group has represented small to mid-sized businesses from across the United States and Canada that are sued in federal and state court in Chicago.

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